European Academy of Quranic Studies

What is EAQS?

The European Academy of Quranic Studies (EAQS) is a non-profit academic institution based at the British Muslim Heritage Centre. It was established in 2012 to promote the study, teaching and research of Al-Tadabbur and other Quranic Sciences such as Ta’leem al Lugha (Quranic Arabic), Ulum al Qur’an, Tafseer (exegesis),  Tahfiz (memorisation).

EAQS seeks to promote a balanced and comprehensive understanding of the Qur’an and it relevance to modern society by organising courses, seminars and conferences and publishing educational materials for students, teachers and members of the wider society. The Institute is managed by a Board of Directors under the guidance of a Board of Scholars and Advisors.

What is EAQS Vision?

To play a global and regional role as a foremost centre of advanced study and research in Al-Tadabbur and other Quranic sciences, both classical and modern, in the service of the Muslim community and humanity at large.

What is EAQS Mission?

The academy’s main purpose is to contribute to the ongoing Islamic Renaissance, which is bridging the gap between the east and the west, by providing the local community, and the world, with knowledgeable Muslims who understand the Qur’an properly, practice Islam accurately and are able to pass on Islamic knowledge effectively.


What are EAQS Beliefs?

‘(This is) a Scripture that We have revealed unto thee, full of blessing,  that they may ponder its revelations, and that men of understanding may reflect.’  (Qur’an, 38:29)

EAQS believes that it is through proper understanding and application of the Qur’an, individuals can become productive community members who contribute to the Islamic renaissance and universal welfare.

EAQS believes in partnership with renowned institutions to ensure high-quality performance and results. The academy has a host of local and international partners who are working on fulfilling its aspirations, goals and commitments.


What is the structure of EAQS?


Structure Of EAQS 


Who are EAQS Partners and Patrons?

EAQS partners and patrons include:   

  • The University of Taybah, Al-Madinah Al-Munawwarah, Saudi Arabia
  • The International Organization for the Holy Quran Memorization, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
  • The British Muslim Heritage Centre, Manchester, UK


What are EAQS aims and objectives?

  • To promote the teaching of Al-Tadabbur (contemplation of and reflection on the Qur’an) and other Quranic Sciences. 
  • To develop methods, techniques and literature for teaching and learning Al-Tadabbur.
  • To organise and arrange training courses, symposia, seminars, workshops, conferences and exchange of scholars for the teaching and comprehension of the Qur’an and it’s sciences.
  • To establish a resource centre for Quranic teaching, a library for Quranic sciences and the Sunnah (The Way of the Prophet peace be upon him).
  • To plan and develop post-doctoral research on specific projects for Al-Tadabbur with the assistance of internationally renowned scholars and institutes.


What are EAQS systems and tools?

EAQS relies on advanced and creative academic techniques and processes that revive the high impact learning and practicing methodologies of the leader of the Islamic civilization: Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him).


What are EAQS Academic Courses and Degrees?

Inspired by Quranic values, EAQS has established the following academic courses:

  • A 9 day intensive course on learning to read and write the Quranic script
  • A one year GCSE Islamic Studies course
  • A one year part-time Foundation Certificate in Quranic Arabic
  • A three year part-time Diploma in Classical Arabic
  • A three year part-time Diploma in Quranic Studies
  • A two year part-time certificate (ijazah) course on Tajweed (recitation)
  • A four year part-time Hifz (memorisation) of Qur’an.


What are EAQS other public educational activities?

EAQS other public educational activities include:

  • Monthly scholarly lecture and periodical seminars on Al-tadabbur
  • Quranic Tadabbur and Sciences teacher training courses
  • Public Tafseer (Interpretation) and tadabbur classes and lectures
  • Seminars addressing misnomers about the Qur’an
  • Establishment of a scholarly Research Library
  • Publication of scholarly works on Al-Tadabbur
  • International exchange programmes for students and teachers
  • Quranic Tadabbur and Classical Arabic Immersion courses in the Middle East
  • Translation of Scholarly Works  on the Qur’an into English and other European languages
  • Establishment of E-portal for Al-Tadabbur and other Quranic Studies

How you can help?

You can help by volunteering your resources: time, skills and financial resources, to assist EAQS to establish its coursesand activities. You can also help by promoting our vision.
The Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him), said, 'The best amongst you is he who learns the Qur’an and teaches it.”
Please donate generously with your Zakah and Sadaqah (charity money) and support the projects of EAQS.

Bank Details:

Account name: European Academy of Quranic Studies
Address: NATWEST Bank, 699 Wilmslow Rd., Manchester M20 6NW, UK
S/C: 01-02-69
A/C: 25680129
IBAN: GB16 NWBK 0102 6925 6801 29

“Who is it that would loan Allah a goodly loan so He may multiply it for him many times over? And it is Allah who withholds and grants abundance, and to Him you will be returned” (Qur’an, 2:245)


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